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with a creative side

Due to almost 20 years of marketing carrier in big FMG Companies* my current role is to put my mindset,
know-how and skills at the service of:

  1. FMG Companies with the purpose to support the marketing or commercial team to have a business overview or a stronger brand/channel strategy

  2. Agencies (BTL, Media, PR) with the aim to improve their offer and to exploit their strategic support to clients leveraging my senior experience and corporate process know how

  3. Small companies (entrepreneurs, professionals...) with the role to improve their business though a relevant positioning and a client-centric approach

*between the roles: Communication Manager @Heineken Italy, Coca-Cola Marketing manager and Division Channel Marketing Manager @Coca-Cola Company Italy, Marketing & Trade Marketing Director @InBev Italy


Who choose me as a Consultant seeks not only a competent business analysis and a coherent strategy but also a passionate look at the brand from who takes every challenge as if it were their own.

But not only

babel is the expression of my creative side, is the way to help my clients when they need more then a strategic support. It's the way to decline a strategy or a concept or the brand storytelling in a creative way and, at the end, in a real thing.
babel is a Marketing and Creative suite to offer integrated creative solutions. Something inspired, a good idea for your brand, a boost for your business. Synergy of Management Consulting and Art Direction joint together to empower your project or just something to simplify your everyday life at work.

And more

I believe in co-working. It is the most effective way to fit the project's challenge. During my working career I've built a network of professionals able to fit specific competencies. When the Company challenge needs, I can rely on a skilled team with process competence and recognized leadership build on the field. Flexible, quickly reactive and cost-effective.

See my detailed curriculum and credentials on my page @linkedIn
Proven experience in: Beverage, Cosmetics, Pet Food, Tourism

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